Quality Service Delivery…

If quality customer service is what you desire, you have to learn it from the manner of which, we offer our services to our large clientele base at Banana African Restaurant & Bar.
Our services are unbeatable. It ranges from outdoor and indoor services covering the following: Birthdays, Child Naming Ceremonies, Weddings, Meetings, Church Gatherings, e.t.c. To any other functions that involves entertainment of either a small or large group of people.
Banana African Restaurant & Bar provides the Ideal Casual Location For:
  • Family & Social Reunions
  • Weddings & Receptions
  • Conference Room
  • Team Development Activities
  • Motorcoach Friendly
  • Affordable Group Rates
  • Outdoor Adventures all-year
  • Unconventional Gathering Places
  • Theme Parties
  • Meeting & Exhibit Space
  • Casual, Fun & Tropical!